Food: Europeans reject genetic products

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Consumers around Europe are strongly opposed to genetically modified foods and want clear labelling to identify them, according to two surveys.

Nearly 5,000 people in six different countries were interviewed for a MORI/Greenpeace poll about whether they support the development of genetically modified food and if they would eat it. Across Europe, 59 per cent were opposed to its development with the French and the Danes coming out most strongly. The Swedes were least likely to eat genetically engineered food.

The British showed some of the most positive attitudes with only 51 per cent of consumers opposing development. It was also the country found to be most happy to eat transgenic food. A recent campaign by Greenpeace was aimed at preventing genetically engineered soya from entering Britain at Liverpool.

A separate survey in Germany found that 95 per cent of consumers wanted mandatory labelling of these foods.

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