Food: Secret pork pie eaters unmasked

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Middle-aged men are telling porkies to their wives about their secret pie-eating habits. They have been identified as responsible for scoffing millions of pork pies every year - but behind their wives' backs.

Tesco launched an investigation into who was eating their pies after the supermarket chain realised although it sold millions, no one admitted eating them.

Spokeswoman Vicky Carnell said: "Pork pies have become the forbidden fruit of the Nineties. "Wives try to control the number of pork pies their husbands eat because they think they aren't healthy.

"But the men strike back, sneaking into Tesco on their own to stock up, and even going to the lengths of hiding the pies or their wrappers."

She said the closet pie eaters claimed they had to have a weekly fix. Rather than risk an argument, they simply buy the pies and don't tell anyone.