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She doesn't give a damn about her daughter and her daughter didn't give a damn about her. She can go to hell.

Mohamed Al Fayed on the Princess of Wales's mother Frances Shand Kydd

It is quite simply a very interesting and exciting offer from Sky. It's also rather nice to be offered an exciting new opportunity. The BBC and I have never been joined at the hip.

64-year-old Barry Norman on his move from the BBC to host a new film programme on Sky

Frankly, I have to tell you that there are people in the Maze and Maghaberry prisons who should not only not be let out within the next two years, but should never get out.

Les Rodgers, chairman of the conference of the RUC Police Federation

They are like poodles. They seem to have lost their critical faculties for the moment.

Sir Bernard Ingham on the press's attitude to the Government

In the case of Sudan there was no need to fundraise. Money was not the problem.

Clare Short on famine relief in the Third World

Our frenzied rulers are stabbing Russia to death. We are barely living - caught between the oblivion of the past and the looming annihilation of the future.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Whatever the pressures or difficulties, we will not be diverted from these tough rules.

Gordon Brown promises a three-year surplus of tax revenues

The way the game has gone you have to be an athlete now. Unfortunately, Paul did not come under that category.

England coach Glenn Hoddle on why he left Paul Gascoigne out of his World Cup squad

I completely lost it. I went mad, berserk. I lost my rag big time. I was shouting and screaming. I couldn't believe the injustice of it.

Paul Gascoigne on his reaction to the decision

What a week. First Gazza, then Geri, now me.

Outgoing 'Sun' editor Stuart Higgins

We will always be accused of making too much profit. I think our profits are absolutely reasonable. The amount of money paid to the directors is an old story.

Camelot finance director Peter Murphy, whose salary has risen by 19 per cent to pounds 429,000

The fact that it's a woman has no bearing on what sex the statue inside the Dome will be. It symbolises the nation, and traditionally in this country we've always had a mother figure.

Spokesman on the new Millennium Dome logo