Frozen beefburgers fail to carry poisoning warnings

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The majority of the UK's frozen beefburger producers are failing to put adequate warnings on their products to ensure consumer safety, according to a Food Commission survey published this week.

Despite repeated Government warnings of the risk of E.coli poisoning in minced beefburgers, and requests from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods for improved labelling, the commission found that one-third of 28 popular brands did not warn buyers that the food should be cooked thoroughly, and three-quarters failed to state the Chief Medical Officer's advice that the burgers should be cooked until there are no "pink bits" and "the juices run clear". Problem brands were said to include Ross, Dalepak and Iceland.

Dr Tim Lobstein, co-director of the Food Commission, said: "We found that none of the products gave advice about handling raw meat, and only two products, both from Waitrose, give the recommende