'Game of Thrones' The Mountain got beaten at arm wrestling

In a challenge of truly David and Goliath magnitudes a Canadian arm wrestler managed to defeat The Mountain

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Arm-wrestler Devon Larratt seems to have achieved what the Viper never could, by taking down The Mountain. Hafthór Björnsson who plays Ser Gregor Clegane on Game of Thrones took on the Canadian champion, who is around half his size only to be defeated.

The Icelandic actor who stands at 6'9inches and weighs 419lbs currently holds the title for worlds strongest man, whilst Larratt is the two time champion of the World Arm Wrestling League. On their third attempt Björnsson managed to claim a victory but only after being beaten by Larrett using both his right and left arm. However he retains his unbeaten record in trial-by-combat.