Gay couples should have full rights, say solicitors

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PROPOSALS to give gay couples the same cohabiting rights as heterosexuals were overwhelming endorsed by the Law Society last night.

The Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, is calling for all un-married couples to be given greater legal recognition. Its recommendations will now go forward to be considered by the Law Commission which will publish its own paper shortly.

Despite the overwhelming support one respected lawyer, who voted against the proposals, described homosexuality as "disgusting depravity".

The solicitor, Trevor Murray, told a full meeting of the Law Society council that he objected to anything that might give gays the same cohabiting rights as heterosexuals. Mr Murray, who works in Essex, told the meeting: "Why should people who have been DNA programmed to procreate and reproduce in the normal way be put on the same level as those who engage in self- indulgent acts of such disgusting depravity."

Despite Mr Murray's vocal opposition to the proposal the Law Society overwhelmingly agreed to publish the paper prepared by its family law committee.

Only four of the 70 members voted in favour of blocking publication.