Gem gives Oasis rhythm again

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ROCK GROUP Oasis were joined by new guitarist Gem for his debut performance yesterday as they filmed the video for the band's next single. It was the first appearance of the former Heavy Stereo star withNoel and Liam Gallagher and drummer Alan White.

Gem has replaced rhythm guitarist Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, who quit after finishing work on the group's fourth album, Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants. The band have been working on a video for the first single, "Go Let It Out", due for release on 7 February.

Oasis have been pals with Gem since Heavy Stereo - who shared the same record label - opened for them at their show at Cardiff International Arena in March 1996. They also played at the Oasis open-air gig at Loch Lomond later that year.

Gem has been an Oasis fan since the early days. In a 1995 interview he said: "Oasis are an absolute flagship. When they got to number one it was brilliant... You felt proud waiting at the school bus stop."

Oasis still need a bass player to take over from Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, who left shortly before Arthurs.