Goalkeeper denies UVF link

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ANDY GORAM, the former Scotland and Rangers goalkeeper, yesterday emphasised that he will carry on playing for Scottish Premier League side Motherwell. Goram called a news conference in Glasgow after allegations over the weekend linked him to an Ulster terrorist group.

He was pictured holding an Ulster Volunteer Force flag in a Sunday newspaper in a dated photograph made public by his wife, Tracy, who is divorcing the player. Goram, who denies being a UVF sympathiser, retired from international football three weeks before the World Cup last summer because of attention on his private life but has since intimated he will reconsider that verdict.

There had been speculation that he would quit the game only a month after joining the Fir Park club, but instead he denied the allegations and said he was taking legal action with support from Motherwell.

Goram also added that he was a 100-per-cent supporter of the peace movement. "I categorically deny I have any links with sectarian groups or terrorists. I do not condone violence and I wholeheartedly support the current peace process in Northern Ireland."