Great celebration or waste of cash?

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Ian Dowell, Editor, Birmingham Evening Mail:

We knew the bid from the Greenwich project was flawed: the Jubilee tube line had to be completed in time, contaminated land had to be cleared and there was no easy access to the site. In Birmingham, the funding was already in place and we have the facilities here already. The decision to give the award to Greenwich has left a very bad taste that may well cost the Government the General Election.

Erik Milne, manager, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Inverness:

I just haven't been following the story at all, probably because I'm north of the border it's just geographically far too remote. Perhaps if they spread the millenium projects around the country a bit more then maybe I would pay more attention, but I'm not in favour of a big central exhibition.

Alan Coren, broadcaster:

I believe the millennium should be as tacky as possible. I very much want to have the Ferris wheel, just so people at the top will be able to see the state of London. I want a huge dome in Greenwich because it will be awful and ghastly. However the idea that this Government is going to be brought down by failling to say how it will fund the millennium is ridiculous.

Victor Rose, Landlord, Miners Arms Pub in Bristol:

I think that the dome they're going to put up is a waste of money. I think they should put the money towards different ways of celebrating the millennium, and perhaps invest in something smaller instead. I don't know how politically damaging this will be for the Government.