Green-principled tenants only in world's first recycled skyscraper

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THE WORLD'S first ever recycled skyscraper is rising from the ground, right at the heart of New York City, on the eastern side of Times Square, writes Geoffrey Lean. Built by one of the biggest organic farmers on the US East Coast, it will house some of the world's most sophisticated magazines, including Vogue, the New Yorker and Vanity Fair from next summer.

The 48-storey, US$450m office building - designed to be "the greenest skyscraper ever built" - is topped with two giant solar panels which will provide some of its electricity. It will have large, well-insulated windows to attract and retain the maximum amount of heat from the sun. Fifty per cent more fresh air than usual will be blown around the building and it will have special chutes to collect paper for recycling.

Due to be completed in the spring, it has been constructed entirely from recycled steel. Re-used materials have been utilised wherever possible. Over a third of the materials in the building have been recycled, while two-thirds of the surplus construction materials removed from the site are being taken away for re-use.

When the new tenants move in, each will be issued with a guide on how to find furniture, carpets, ceiling tiles and the like made of waste products, to increase the proportion of recycled materials in the building even further.