Guerrilla blitz

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Two separate attacks in Colombia, one blamed on leftist guerrillas and the other on paramilitary gunmen, have left at least 28 police, soldiers and prosecutors dead. Authorities blamed guerrillas for the second of the attacks, which wiped out a two-car police patrol on Saturday, killing 17 officers in Alto de Bodega. Guerrillas have mounted a widespread campaign to disrupt municipal elections later this month. -AP

India in the dark

India grappled with a communications breakdown after its most advanced communications satellite INSAT-2D was abandoned because of a power failure. All 24 transponders, used for communication and broadcast services on the Indian National Satellite system, were turned off after the satellite - which had cost 3.0bn rupees ($83.1m) - suffered power failure. -Reuter

Famine fight joy

International aid has helped avert widespread death and malnutrition in North Korea, a UN official said. "The situation remains serious ... but it was not the level of desperation that was expected," Namanga Ngongi, of the World Food Program, said. Estimates show a food shortfall in the coming year of between 2 million and 2.5 million tons, half what is needed to feed the nation's 24 million people. About $150-$200m will still be needed. -Reuter