Gunman used Magnum revolvers

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A standard 9mm Browing pistol

This weapon is semi automatic - the user only needs to squeeze the trigger and release it for continues fire. The magazine holds 13 bullets and the bullet travels at 1,110ft per second. Standard issue sidearm to more than 90 armies around the world.Costs around pounds 400 new, can be bought second hand for as little as pounds 250.

Competition 9mm long-barrelled

Browning pistol.

This is the same as the standard but the barrel was about an inch longer, giving it greater accuracy. Both Brownings are powerful popular with terrorists for close up work. They are very popular with members of gun clubs for target shooting. Adapted from a military weapon. A compact, reliable weapon, although US police stopped using them because bullets were passing through victims and killing innoncent bystanders.

Two .357 Magnum revolvers

These carry six bullets in the chamber and can fire the more power Magnum shells or cheaper and less powerful .38 cartridges. This type of gun is used by the police in Britain and the US. It is the most commonly used revolver and is accurate up to about 50 metres. In the central Scotland area the most popular model of .375s are made by Smith and Wesson