Haughey's pounds 1.3m secret prompts call for new inquiry

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Dail Opposition parties are pressing for a new and wider inquiry into suspected large payments from businessmen to Charles Haughey, who served four terms as the Irish Prime Minister, in the wake of his belated admission that he did after all receive pounds 1.3m in secret payments from Ben Dunne, the supermarket magnate .

Both John Bruton, the Fine Gael leader, and Dick Spring, the Labour leader, are demanding an inquiry which would go beyond the McCracken tribunal investigating donations made by Mr Dunne when he headed the family stores chain between 1983 and 1992. Fine Gael yesterday tabled down a Dail motion seeking an inquiry into "all monies paid to Mr Haughey and in particular to examine whether any such payments were made in return, or in advance, of favours sought from or offered by Mr Haughey, ministers in his Government or the Fianna Fail party" he led from 1979 to 1992. Bertie Ahern, the present Taoiseach, earlier called the Haughey funding revelation "tragic and deplorable". Alan Murdoch