Have breasts, will travel - on the Underground

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Phones and Filofaxes have replaced brollies and bowlers as the items most likely to be left on London tube trains. Other unusual objects discovered have included a stolen park bench, two phials of bull's sperm, and a box containing a pair of breast implants.

"We don't get any bowler hats or spats any more. These days we're inundated with mobile phones," said Maureen Beaumont, manager of London Transport's Lost Property Office in Baker Street. "I've often thought about the woman to whom the implants belonged. I'll bet she doesn't know her breasts have been round the Circle line twice."

According to LT's in-house magazine, On The Move, the lost property office dealt with nearly 108,000 articles found on London's buses and tubes last year. It has enough musical instruments, including a saxophone, to equip a small orchestra.

The 25-strong staff reckon to unite 30 per cent of lost property with the rightful owners and expects this figure to rise to 60 per cent in the case of high-value items.