Heirs in Trouble

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The 7th Marquess of Bristol, John Hervey (right), 44, died last month after a history of drug use. His family said he suffered from "chronic abuse". He was 16 when he inherited pounds 1m - two years later he inherited a further pounds 4m.

The Marquess of Blandford, a friend of the Marquess of Bristol, has also suffered from an addiction to hard drugs. Known to the tabloid headline writers as "Junkie Jamie" Blandford once admitted: "I was a closet user. I always had my hits alone."

Henry Dent-Brocklehurst (left), the former boyfriend of model Liz Hurley and once described as Britain's most eligible bachelor, admitted he became a heroin addict at 17. The heir to Sudeley Castle said: "Drugs are a big plague in our society."

Lord Byron, the poet, lover and scholar of Greek was shunned by polite society in London for his bacchanalian lifestyle. He was a notorious drinker and gambler from an early age. He died in 1824 from malaria.