Help for child victims

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As abuse scandals continue to be exposed in children's homes around the country, we would like you to support our Victims of Abuse appeal to help those who have been made to suffer.

Earlier this year, the toll of years of abuse for more than 100 children in Clwyd was highlighted in this newspaper.

The investigation was the launch-pad for a campaign that won government action to tighten standards in children's homes.

This week we revealed that police are seeking 3,000 children who may have been part of another scandal, in the North-west.

Our Christmas appeal is in support of work by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, including its helpline, giving direct support to children who have been abused, and projects to help prevent future abuse.

Countless stories from children, in the community as well as in residential care, have never been heard. The NSPCC, Britain's leading charity specialising in child protection and prevention of cruelty, runs more than 120 projects throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, offering counselling and therapy to abused children as well as carrying out its own investigations into allegations of abuse.

The charity relies on public donations for 85 per cent of its income and we would like you to contribute between now and Christmas.

Your money will go to help projects such as the NSPCC's freephone helpline which takes on average 1,200 calls a week, the London Investigation Team, which works with police and social services to investigate paedophiles, and the Kaleidoscope project in Newcastle, which treats children who have abused other children.