Heseltine checks in for heart test

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Michael Heseltine, the former Deputy Prime Minister, arrived at the Harley Street Clinic in central London last night to undergo an angiogram procedure.

Mr Heseltine, 64, who has been suffering chest pains, had left the Horton General Hospital NHS Trust in Banbury, Oxford, 80 minutes earlier.

Asked how he was by reporters waiting outside the clinic, he replied: "Fine, thank you very much for coming, it's very kind of you to take an interest."

A Tory party spokesman who was present said he expected Mr Heseltine to leave by the clinic by end of the week.

Mr Heseltine was admitted to the hospital in Banbury on Saturday. He has been undergoing routine tests for angina, which is caused by acute anxiety, strenuous exercise and excitement, according to medical books. The angiogram procedure involves the threading of a tube into the patient's body to assess whether there is a blockage or narrowing of any of the three main coronary arteries.

Party spokesmen have been stressing that doctors are delighted with Mr Heseltine's progress. He is said to be looking forward to returning to his work as an MP.