Hess 'shrine' smashed

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THE FARMER who gave permission for his land to be used for a memorial to Rudolf Hess, which was torn down by anti- Nazi activists yesterday, promised to 'put up another', writes John Arlidge.

Members of Glasgow Anti- Nazi League, who destroyed the memorial to Adolf Hitler's deputy, discovered by the Independent on a Scottish farm this week, said proposals to put up a replacement were obscene.

Craig Baird, 55, who manages Floors Farm, 15 miles south of Glasgow, criticised the 'illegal' destruction of the memorial. Mr Baird said: 'I don't think I have done anything wrong. The memorial was out of sight. I am going to mark the field where Hess landed on his flight to Britain in 1941.'

Mr Baird, who went into hiding last night, confirmed that Wolf-Ruediger, Hess's son, and 'other Germans' had visited the monument after it was completed in May.

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