Hollywood in the House of Lords

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Double barrelled and titled, on paper the couple seem like any other in the House. But Lady Haden-Guest's legs are insured for $1m and she bared her breasts in Trading Places. And as for her husband, Lord Haden-Guest, he's the guy with the guitar between his legs in the spoof film Spinal Tap.

So yesterday, when he was sworn in as the fifth Lord Haden-Guest in the House of Lords, it's not surprising heads turned. Hollywood had arrived, in the form of Christopher Haden-Guest (left) and his wife, Jamie Lee Curtis (right), who looked dutifully on from the visitors' gallery.

He took his seat following the death of his father, Peter Haden-Guest, a retired UN official.

The couple have been married for 13 years and have two adopted children - Annie, 10, and a baby, Thomas. Under British law Thomas will not be able to inherit the title.

For a time it was not clear whether Christopher, 49, would become the new baron. He has an older half-brother, Anthony Haden-Guest, supposedly the model for the disreputable English journalist in Tom Wolfe's Bonfire Of The Vanities. But Anthony was not able to inherit because he had been born out of wedlock.