Hotel rage on increase

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HOTEL BOSSES and police are tackling a growing problem in the accommodation industry - hotel rage. Staff have fallen victims to attacks ranging from verbal abuse to physical assault, said Strathclyde Police.

The force is hosting a seminar to advise hoteliers how to cope with troublemakers. A police spokesman said: "Glasgow's growing reputation as a centre for business, culture and tourism has seen an increase in the number of hotels. Unfortunately this has also brought an increase in volatile behaviour. Staff can face various forms of violence and we want to make sure they have the best training so they can deal with these incidents."

Bill Fox whose company, Maybo, specialises in the management of aggression and personal safety advice, said the difficulties experienced by hotel staff were no different to those experienced in other jobs.

"This problem goes right across the board. There is increasing awareness and concern about violence in the workplace everywhere and the issue has a very high profile."

Tom Stannage, chairman of Glasgow City Centre Hotel Watch, said: "Anything that can help staff deal with difficult situations is good."