House of Windsor joins the PR circus

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The Royal Family is to put more money into improving its image following privately commissioned research which is said to have confirmed negative image held of them by the public.

The Queen met members of her family last week to discuss how to boost royal ratings. Focus groups reportedly described them as remote, out of touch, wasteful, not genuine, lacking in understanding, poor value for money and badly advised. A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said last night: "It was suggested more resources might be devoted to communications." However, she dismissed reports that the Queen was to appoint her own pounds 150,000- a-year senior spin-doctor with as "pure speculation."

At the Way Ahead Group summit, which happens twice a year to consider long-term issues, members of the Royal Family discussed results of the Mori survey commissioned after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales at a cost of pounds 20,000. A key finding was reportedly that the public considers the royals to be badly advised on a range of issues by their "numerous couriers and official royal advisers." The royals are reportedly regarded as not understanding "at all" and poor value for money. They are seen as wasteful on account of their "apparent extravagant lifestyle" and remote because of "the many physical and invisible barriers thought to have been constructed around them".

On the positive side, the royals were seen to be trustworthy, an integral part of British society, respected, and professional in the execution of their duties.