How to get from Jayne Mansfield to Yvonne Murray in 3,000 takes

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All is never what it seems in art and this picture of the Scottish athlete Yvonne Murray is no exception.

The artist David Mach took hundreds of postcards showing the Hollywood starlet Jayne Mansfield and distorted them until he had created the athletic and sinewy form of Ms Murray.

The portrait will feature at an exhibition paying tribute to Scottish sporting heroes which opens today at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, also features in the exhibition made out of 3,000 chopped up images of Pussy Galore and Stephen Hendry appears created from shots of the earth seen from space.

Mr Mach blew up and then distorted photographs of his original subjects before matching them with sets of chopped up postcards.

"They're ridiculously labour-intensive because you have to slice up so many bits to fit on the photograph," he said.

"I get my assistants to do that then come along and manipulate the cards. I can explode a face or make it really skinny - that's the creative part of it."