Hugh suffers as Divine delivers 'cute' retribution

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To err is human, but to forgive Divine is something that even Hugh Grant will probably find impossible. No man, after all, is likely to welcome world-wide coverage of an interview which describes his manhood as "cute".

As cosmetics Giant Estee Lauder issued a statement supporting his girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley, the actor kept a low profiles at a separate residence yesterday following the News of the World's detailed account of Mr Grant's brief encounter with the Hollywood prostitute, Divine Brown.

In it she said the 34-year-old actor picked her up in his BMW convertible. "The guy had a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. It looked like he was trying to hide his face," she told the newspaper. The 25-year-old said Grant paid her $60 for sex in his car. "I told him for $40 more we could've gone to a room - and never have been caught."

When they reached their destination, Ms Brown told how she pretended to be a police officer and reached into her purse for an ID card. Instead, she produced a packet of condoms. She said of the Four Weddings and a Funeral star: "I thought he was going to die. He put his hands up over his face and said: 'Jesus. I thought I was going to have a bloody heart attack. Please don't do things like that ... ever'."

To ensure that he was not vice squad, Ms Brown said she made the actor unzip his trousers, something an officer is not allowed to do. "If I was rating it out of 10 in terms of size and quality, I'd give it six. I've seen bigger and I've seen smaller. But his was cute," she said.

She claimed they had oral sex in the car for 10 minutes before a police car pulled up and the pair were arrested.

Ms Brown said she had no idea who her client was until she saw police congratulating each other. Her response: "Who the hell is Hugh Grant?"

He reminded her, she said, of a British television programme she had seen. "He sounded just like that guy in Are You Being Served? Captain Peacock: that's the one."

The pair are due in court in Los Angeles on 18 July.