Hunt escapes action over playground kill

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Police are taking no further action against a hunt which allowed its hounds to kill a fox in a school playground.

Five- to ten-year-olds watched the animal being torn apart through a classroom window at Langcliffe primary school near Settle in the Yorkshire Dales last week. The school gates were locked and the hounds jumped a wall into the playground to catch their quarry.

The headteacher Hilary Foster said she was "horrified and appalled" by the incident which had left some of her 44 pupils "shaken" and "frightened".

Eddie Braithwaite, chairman of the Lunesdale hunt, said the hounds became separated during a chase and he deeply regretted the playground killing. "We are holding a special meeting to ensure it doesn't happen again."

A spokesman for North Yorkshire police said the hunt had apologised to the school. "They don't make a habit of this so that is the end of the matter as far as we are concerned."