`I was naked and in agony'

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ANDRYZ JAKUBCZYK alleged he was beaten, stripped and left in agony with internal injuries after an attack by prison officers at Wormwood Scrubs.

He said he was pinned to the ground by officers who twisted his legs behind his back and beat him.

After the alleged assault Mr Jakubczyk claimed he was stripped naked and thrown into a strip cell in a body-belt. He says officers left him unattended for two hours, despite his internal and external injuries.

The alleged attack is said to have taken place in the prison's notorious segregation unit in March 1993.

Last May, Mr Jakubczyk, 46, from Dudley, West Midlands, accepted an out- of-court settlement of pounds 7,000 from the Prison Service, shortly before his case was due to be heard at Southend County Court.

Daniel Machover, of solicitors Hickman and Rose in London, believes the case is similar to many others he has been asked to handle, and says it should form part of the Metropolitan Police investigation into alleged brutality at the prison.

Many of the prisoners who claim to have been victimised at the London jail are black.

One, Mr N, claims he was forced to take down a poster of Martin Luther King, which he had pinned to his cell wall.

He said: "I noticed that officers usually beat up black inmates and they beat me up when I was alone or with a black inmate."

Mr N alleged he was assaulted several times every day he was in the prison's segregation unit. One officer allegedly said to him: "We'll hang you and make it look like an accident or make it look as if you done it yourself."

He also said senior staff showed him no sympathy. "All in all, over a year I complained to about five different governors both in person and in writing. I never received a response," he said.