I was right, says GM row scientist

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ALARMING evidence that eating genetically modified (GM) food may harm health is to be presented to MPs tomorrow, writes Geoffrey Lean. The previously suppressed research by Dr Arpad Pusztai shows vital organs may be damaged and immune systems weakened, making epidemics worse and increasing cancer.

The research, to be submitted to the House of Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology, is likely to reignite the controversy over Dr Pusztai, of Aberdeen's Rowett Research Institute, who sparked a fierce scientific and political row last month.

Until now the dispute has centred on only skimpy accounts of his research, funded by the Scottish Office, because his data - based on 10,000 samples from rats fed GM and ordinary potatoes - were "con- fiscated" and his computer sealed when he made his concerns known on television last summer. Dr Pusztai was suspended, forced into retirement, and his research stopped.

He has only now recovered the evidence and subjected it to independent analysis for the first time. He will not give details before the results are seen by MPs, but says they broadly confirm his preliminary findings.