I'm not a good actress, admits Sandra Bullock

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Sandra Bullock, star of Speed 2, believes she is not a talented actress and that people only think she is special because her movies make millions, she said yesterday.

The modest millionairess has reportedly been paid pounds 9m to recreate the role of the Los Angeles girl she played opposite Keanu Reeves in the original Speed.

But yesterday she admitted having turned down many film roles, because she is not good enough to play them. "I've turned down some scripts that I thought were wonderful but I knew I wasn't capable of executing them. Just because your films make money people think you can act," she said.

"I've been sent scripts that were amazing, but I knew I couldn't do them in a million years. I wasn't talented enough or wasn't emotionally equipped.

"It is really hard to reject something, but I'd rather watch someone else make a great film.

"I'd rather an incredibly talented actress went in and did a great job than me go in a screw up a great script," she added during a news conference at the Dorcester Hotel in Park Lane, London.

Speed marked her breakthrough in 1994, but Bullock was not first choice for the part.

The film's producers had originally wanted Julia Roberts for the role of Annie Porter, but they regarded the fee she demanded as excessive. Bullock was paid pounds 300,000 for the role, while Roberts reportedly asked for pounds 6m.

Speed 2: Cruise Control, which also stars Jason Patric and Willem Dafoe, opens across Britain on Friday.