In Israeli clubs the sexiest sounds are Midland vowels

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A BRUMMIE accent has long been considered a social disadvantage; researchers claim it portrays its speakers as stupid and renders them more likely to be convicted in court. Unless they're in Israel, that is.

There, the clipped sound of Received Pronunciation or the trustworthy tones of Yorkshire apparently fall a long way second to a West Midlands accent.

In Haifa, Israel's equivalent to Ibiza, bars and clubs are so entranced with the West Midlands vowel sounds that they are only recruiting people with a strong Brummie accent.

Eddy Alterovits, owner of the Abaco NRG night club, has advertised in Birmingham's Sunday Mercury. He said giving clubbers an earful of the distinctively strangled vowels will give his 1,800-capacity venue the edge over its competitors.

Mr Alterovits said: "I love the accent and nightclub-goers can't get enough of it over here. I believe you can go a long way, if you can speak the Birmingham way. Haifa is a Western-style city with a terrific night life ... but what we are really short of is some Birmingham girls to really get the place ticking."

Mr Alterovits is advertising for staff from the Midlands to work in the club for between two and four months over the winter months.

"I have not been to the Midlands yet, but I've heard enough holiday- makers from the region to know it's the best accent by far," he said.

How To Speak Brummie

Awroit, bab - Hello. How are you?

Bostin, innit - I'm very well, thank you

She am shoppin' at Toysamwe - She's gone shopping at Toys R Us Com we a - Come here, please

Yam gan yam - I am going home now Tarra a bit loike - Goodbye