`Inconsolable' Paula Yates suffers further blow

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Paula Yates, still in mourning following the death of her partner, Michael Hutchence, last month, was at the centre of a fresh low yesterday when DNA tests reportedly proved her real father was the entertainer Hughie Green.

The claim that the man who brought her up, Jess Yates, presenter of Stars on Sunday, who died in 1993 aged 74, was not her real father was first made at Green's funeral seven months ago. Today's Daily Mail says DNA samples from his children, Linda Plentl and Hugh Christopher Green, and Ms Yates proved they shared the same father. Mr Green, 50, who flew from his home in Canada to hear the results, said: "This is not the result we wanted or expected. We can't walk away from Paula Yates. ... My father let us down by never telling us about this while he was alive. Now we shall all suffer."

The truth about Ms Yates's father was revealed by his friend, Noel Botham, after Green's death at the age of 77. Her mother, Heller Toren, 59, described the claim as a "very hurtful lie".

She had conceived Ms Yates a month after marrying Jess Yates.

Last night Ms Yates apparently confirmed the results, telling The Sun: "I'm horrified. I thought I was at the darkest point in my life - now this." Part of the laboratory report which confirmed the relationship was reproduced in the Mail.

It read: "These results confirm that Linda Claire Plentl and Christopher Hugh Green are full brother and sister and show that they are both clearly related to Paula Elizabeth Yates."