Indian chief's body to find final rest

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The remains of an American Native Indian chief who died in Britain while taking part in the European tour of the legendary "Wild West Show" run by Buffalo Bill Cody (right) are to be exhumed and returned to his tribal homeland, it was reported yesterday.

Chief Long Wolf, of the Sioux tribe, in South Dakota, died and was buried in Brompton Cemetery, London, on 13 June, 1892, after contracting bronchial pneumonia. He was 59.

His grave was forgotten until it was "discovered" by Elizabeth Knight, 56, who lives in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

She read about Long Wolf in an old book, traced his family in America and helped them campaign for his remains to be returned.

John Black Feather, 60, who is Long Wolf's great great grandson applied to the American authorities for permission for the repatriation.

Permission was granted, and it is thought likely that the British authorities will act accordingly, although the Church will have to give its approval.

It is understood plots have already been set aside for long Wolf at the Wolf Creek Community Cemetery, Pine Ridge, South Dakota, home of the Sioux nation.

Also to be returned are the remains of a 17-month old Indian girl - Star Ghost Dog - who appeared with her parents in Buffalo Bill's show. She was buried with the chief when she died after being dropped from her mother's arms when she was on horseback. A separate plot has been reserved at the nearby Wounded Knee Cemetery.