Inquiry over boy's death

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AN INQUIRY was launched last night after the death of a five- year-old boy who had been earlier sent home from hospital following a school playground accident.

The boy was taken to Sheffield Children's Hospital after banging his head. After treatment he was sent home but had to be rushed back to hospital by his parents within hours. He was taken into surgery and following an emergency operation was put on a life-support machine.

His parents yesterday decided to have the machine switched off after being told their son would not recover.

Hussein Khatib, chief nurse at the hospital, said: "We have started a formal investigation which is a matter of procedure if a child has to come back to casualty within a 24-hour period."

The accident happened on Thursday at Mossbrook School for children with special needs, in Sheffield. A South Yorkshire police spokesman said officers had been unable to determine how the incident occurred but would be continuing their inquiries. The police are not naming the child.