iOS7 Alarm clock changes anger iPhone users


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It’s taken for granted the mighty iPhone can provide weather forecasts, addictive games and news headlines with the flick of a fingertip, but thanks to iOS7 it might even have given you an excuse to arrive late for work this morning.

Apple enthusiasts who decided to download the new operating system overnight may have found their alarms failed to go off if iOS7 hadn’t downloaded overnight.

Twitter was littered with irate posts about the effect the new iOS7 had on their alarm clock, with many users saying they had slept in and were now late for work.

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For those whose alarm had gone off, the chipper tune many iPhone owners were used to waking up to had been replaced with a more sonorous tone.

The sprightly ‘marimba’, jarring workers out of slumber for months, has been replaced as the default alarm tone by a medley of xylophones. Many iPhone users were pleased to discover a host of new ringtones, though one described the new tune as "dangerous gentle".

Another minor change in the new iOS7 is the alarm icon in the top right hand corner. Rather whimsically, Apple have decided to make the clock symbol even more analogue, adding Mickey-Mouse ears to the icon evoking the traditional alarm clock with a bell


Left my phone doing the #iOS7 update overnight, then my alarm didn't go off this morning, and was mega late for work... Brilliant. #fail

—p Daniel Moore (@DanV3) September 19, 2013

Was updating to #iOS7 when I went to bed last night so either I didn't set my alarm or it didn't go off.. And now I've slept in by 2 HOURS!!

— Sophie Irving (@SophieIrving14) September 19, 2013

Heard the story about the idiot who missed his flight because his iPhone was updating to #iOS7 through the night so the alarm failed?

— David Parkinson (@Dave_Nissan) September 19, 2013