IRA warning to foreign banks

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THE IRA made it known last night that it had written to dozens of major foreign-owned financial institutions warning them that it was intent on more bombings in the City of London, writes David McKittrick. The terrorists called the new security zone in the City futile and said further attacks there were 'inevitable.'

The text of the letter was given in Republican News, the Sinn Fein weekly paper. The intention is clearly to make foreign concerns go elsewhere. The devastation caused by bombings such as the Bishopgate attack has convinced the IRA that it has found Britain's Achilles' heel.

The letter, said to have been sent to up to 50 finance houses, declares: 'In the context of present political realities, further attacks on the City of London and elsewhere are inevitable. This we feel we are bound to convey to you directly, to allow you to make fully informed decisions.'