Iraq Bombings: Congress: Livingston admits `marital straying'

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THE HOUSE Speaker-elect, Bob Livingston, admitted last night that he had "on occasion strayed from my marriage" and might offer to resign. Mr Livingston, elected to replace Newt Gingrich last month, was responding to an article published today in the Congressional newspaper, Roll Call. Only hours earlier, he had led House Republicans in arguing for opening the impeachment debate today.

Mr Livingston is the latest Republican to be exposed as an adulterer in what some Republicans have condemned as a White-House instigated campaign of "sexual McCarthyism".

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Henry Hyde, admitted to a 30- year-old affair and offered to resign shortly before his committee opened impeachment hearings into President Clinton. While Mr Livingston stressed that his affairs were not with employees and he had not lied about them under oath, the revelation was thought likely to cloud some of the issues in today's debate.