Iraq Bombings: Saddam's Address: 'These are great days. History will take pride in our triumph'

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IN HIS speech to the nation on television President Saddam Hussein called on Iraqis to strike back in the face of British and American air raids.

"O unbelievers, if you prayed for victory and judgement, now has judgement come to you.

"If you desist from wrong, it will be best for you. If you return to attack, so shall we. Not the least good will your forces be to you even if they were multiplied. For verily God is with those who believe.

"O great people and the courageous armed forces, it is the third day of your jihad [holy struggle], your patience, your courage and your high- rising banners of victory, God willing.

"We are in the third day of the great triumph. These are great days.

"History will take pride in these days and in the people who make them, the great people of Iraq and their shield and sword, the heroic army which records these days in bright letters of light.

"God wanted this day to convey the ability of this nation and humanity in facing the aggression and injustice. After that the nation will discover the way which will bring faith and confidence in the hearts.

"The nation will be guarded against the storms of evil and the greed of devils in America and the devils of Zionism or the Zionist devils and those who enter into alliances with them and support them in their wrongdoing against what is right.

"Continue to resist as you are up to it and you have a right. Hit in the name of God and may the criminals lose. O warriors, Arabs, people of the great Arab nation, the believers in our nation which God wanted to be a witness on humanity ... We are your people and brothers ...

"We will not bargain nor flatter the wrong on account of what is right, we will not let vice take the place of virtue. We will not fear but God nor kneel to anyone except to the face of God.

"God willing, the great Iraqi people will achieve nothing short of victory, which is also the victory for you Arabs, believers and honest friends in the world.

"Cursed and damned be the supporters of evil, vice and corruption. Triumph to the martyrs who now rest in heaven. Greetings to our armed forces and the men and women of the great Baath party.

"Greetings to all those fighting, to the air-defence men, the high fence of Iraq facing barbarism and its evils, the destructive spirits which violate our air space with long-range launch systems.

"Greetings to the grandchildren of Zarqaa al-Yamama [a fabled Arab woman reputed to see things at a great distance], our men who spot flying objects and advise our air defences with accurate information at the right time.

"Greetings and appreciation to the people of al-Rafidain [the land of two rivers], the grandchildren of Abraham.

"Long live Iraq. Long live the glorious Arab nation. Long live Palestine, free, Arab and dignified. God is greatest. God is greatest."