Israeli police arrest hacker who accessed Pentagon computer

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JERUSALEM (AP) - An 18-year-old Israeli hacker known as "Analyser" and wanted by the FBI for breaking into the Pentagon's computer system was arrested yesterday by Israeli police.

Linda Menuhin, a police spokeswoman, said the hacker, who was not named, is accused of "infiltrating computers in Israel and the United States".

Ms Menuhin said he would be brought before a judge within 24 hours. She could not provide details on local computer systems in Israel infiltrated by the Analyser. She said several accomplices had also been arrested and that evidence against the computer hacker provided to Israeli police by the United States had aided in the arrests.

Analyser is suspected of being the mentor of two teenagers in the US who have been interrogated by the FBI in connection with hacking into the Pentagon's computer system and university research computers.

A US Defense Department official has said that the Pentagon intrusions appeared to have been aimed at systems that contained unclassified personnel and payroll records. He described the Israeli hacker's work as the most organised and systematic attack the Pentagon has seen to date.

Analyser and the two teenagers from Cloverdale, California, apparently penetrated computers last month using a weakness that had already been identified by security teams.

The first report on the Analyser's work came last month from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's plasma energy laboratory. Break-ins were then reported at a series of military locations, including the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, as well as at other universities and Nasa.