ITV's digital attack axed

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ITV'S CAMPAIGN against satellite digital television was ordered off the air last night by watchdogs.

Promotions showing a crossed-out satellite dish were "denigratory" to the satellite television platform, the Independent Television Commission said. Since the promotions started a week ago, BSkyB, the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and the BBC's commercial partner Flextech had contacted the ITC to complain, the ITC statement said. Peter Rogers, its chief executive, said: "These promotions have fallen well short of expectations."

The ITV promotions, shown in free air time rather than time set aside for advertisements, use the line: "The simplest way to get digital is through an aerial." ITV is the only terrestrial channel not being carried on BSkyB's digital satellite platform while ONdigital, the terrestrial pay TV service, is run by ITV companies Granada and Carlton.