'I've been kidnapped by Mary Berry': Avon and Somerset Police reveal strange 999 calls

The police force conducted a 'tweetathlon' to highlight misuse of 999

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Avon and Somerset Police received some bizarre calls during a 24-hour ‘tweetathlon’ to highlight how the emergency call system is misused.

They tweeted that reasons for the 999 calls over the course of the day included an attempted abduction by baking guru Mary Berry, aliens in a living room and a man claiming that he was being robbed by Vodafone as he had no service.

Becky Tipper, a Call Handling Manager said: “Every day we receive an average of 3,000 calls, 550 of which are emergency 999 calls.

“During our tweetathlon we will be giving an insight into ‘a day in the life’ in our communications centre.”

Other calls included a child ringing multiple times and telling the operator: “yellow is my favourite colour… you pig!”, a woman who was concerned by the welfare of an emu in a fields and a man requesting for a lift to Tesco’s because he couldn’t find his friend’s house.

Berry could not be reached for comment at this time.