Jackson names his baby son Prince

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The pop superstar Michael Jackson has called his son Prince Michael Junior, it was revealed last night.

The eccentric billionaire singer says he is in bliss "24 hours a day" after his wife Debbie gave birth to their son more than a month ago.

Jackson has sold the photographic rights to the first pictures of the child, himself and Debbie to OK! magazine for more than pounds 1m - most of which has gone to a children's charity. The magazine features nine pictures of the couple and the baby showing Jackson kissing the infant's cheek and cradling him in his arms.

Asked about his relationship with Debbie, Jackson says in the magazine: "Debbie and I love each other for all the things you'll never see on stage or in pictures. I fell for the beautiful, unpretentious, giving person that she is, and she fell for me just being me."

Asked why Jackson's baby shares the same name as one of his superstar rivals, he replies: "My grandfather and great-grandfather were both named Prince, so we have carried on the tradition and now we have a third Prince in the family."

On her own feelings about Jackson, Debbie says: "I love him even more now than before our son was born. Fatherhood has brought out a very protective streak in him. He is so loving and strong."