Jackson's charity under scrutiny

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Heal the World, the charity set up by superstar Michael Jackson (left), was under scrutiny yesterday after the Charity Commission found a "significant" amount of its United Kingdom income went on administration. The singer's international charity was set up in 1992 in a with the aim of raising pounds 60m in a year. In June this year Channel 5's What's The Story programme revealed that the charity had not made a single charitable donation in the past three years. Richard Fowler, president of Heal the World International, said then that the UK charity had been made semi-dormant to cut costs, but would soon be revived.

A Charity Commission spokeswoman confirmed that the accounts of the organisation had been studied and that contact would be made with Heal the World. "Some charities do have high start-up costs through the nature of what they do and obviously we have to make sure we have to make sure that money is being spent on the purpose that the charity was set up for," she said.