Jeffrey Bernard's racing certainty

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He began his journalistic career as racing correspondent, and named the sport as a great love - after drink and sex. Now Jeffrey Bernard (left) the bon viveur and Soho habitue who died last Friday, is to be laid to rest among the horses.

His ashes are to be placed in an urn buried under a stone at the Gallops, the training ground for Lambourn racecourse, in Berkshire, his brother Oliver said yesterday.

The 65-year-old Spectator columnist, who once described a racecourse as "simply an alfresco piss-up", had loved the area, Oliver Bernard said."He lived near there, he loved the place - it's very beautiful - and he had some very good friends there among the trainers and jockeys." Mr Bernard said that there was no room to bury his brother in Soho. However, the decision has yet to be agreed to by Lambourn officials.