Jetski mother flying home

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A BRITISH woman cleared of killing a tourist in Dubai is expected back in Britain either today or tomorrow after being formally told that she was free to go home.

Kathleen Morgan, 37, who had been charged with the killing after a jet- ski crash, had been waiting to see if prosecutors were going to appeal against a decision made by a court last week. The judge had found her not guilty of causing death without intent - a crime similar to the British offence of manslaughter - and prosecutors had 15 days to appeal against this ruling.

Last night Mrs Morgan's solicitor in Dubai, Michel Chalhoub, said he believed his client would return to Britain within 24 hours. "She is very happy, very relieved. She just wants to go home and see her children and try and put her life back in order," he said.

Mrs Morgan, an office worker from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, was charged after an accident in April that resulted in the death of a Russian tourist, Mikhail Malenkov. Mrs Morgan was in Dubai on holiday with her sister, Maria Kendrick, who was also riding on the jetski when they crashed into Mr Malenkov. Mr Malenkov was killed and Mrs Morgan suffered a broken arm.

Although prosecutors claimed Mrs Morgan had flouted international navigation laws, a coroner's report concluded that Mr Malenkov had strayed from the correct stretch of water after drinking. Had Mrs Morgan been convicted she faced a jail term and a payment of pounds 25,000 compensation to the man's family.

While the decision to acquit Mrs Morgan was made by a judge in open court, sources in Dubai believe the decision not to appeal against the outcome may have been the result of political pressure. Dubai is heavily dependent on tourism and officials had been concerned that the incident was damaging its reputation.