Jetski mother lost her memory

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A BRITON cleared of killing another tourist in a jetski accident in Dubai returned home and said she was so traumatised she had lost her memory.

Kathleen Morgan can remember nothing of the tragedy that claimed the life of a Russian, Mikail Malenkov, and consigned her to "60 days of hell" in Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates. At Heathrow yesterday she said she was delighted to be home in time for her son's seventh birthday. Her children, Alastair, nine, Jonathan, and Nicholas, five, had left for school by the time she arrived home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Mrs Morgan said she felt dismayed by the accident but could remember nothing of the collision between her jetski and that of Mr Malenkov.

The accident happened on 9 April. Mrs Morgan and her sister were on jetskis when Mrs Morgan noticed Mr Malenkov approaching. Prosecutors claimed the Briton flouted international navigation rules as she travelled along Dubai Creek by deviating from the designated lane for her jetski. But a coroner's report concluded that Mr Malenkov, who had been drinking heavily, strayed from the correct stretch of water .

Yesterday Mrs Morgan said she remained "as much in the dark as everyone else". She added: "I don't know whether I blacked out or had temporary amnesia or something."

Her main priority, she said, was to be reunited with her children. "I haven't seen my sons yet in the UK.

"They're at school and I didn't want to involve them this morning."

Her relief at being cleared of causing the accident was marred first by the possibility of an appeal against the verdict, and then delays in receiving final confirmation that she was free to go, which came through only on Sunday.