Jewels in the crown: Key legislation in the Queen's speech

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Education Bills - To reduce class sizes for 5, 6, and 7 year-olds, raise standards and tackle under-achievement. General Teaching Council to be established to raise the standing of the profession; stimulation of private finance for school renovation.

Health Bill - Reduction of bureaucracy surrounding internal market, aimed at diverting resources from administration into medical care.

Crime Bill - "Fast track" procedure to deal with persistent young offenders. Probable measures to ensure delinquent children's parents take responsibility; action against disruptive neighbours.

Finance Bill - Changes to the Bank of England, as announced by the Chancellor this week.

Referendum Bill - to set up two referendums, on a parliament and tax- raising powers for Scotland, and on a Welsh assembly. To be followed by full-scale devolution Bills on setting up a Scottish parliament and a Welsh assembly.