Jubilee Line put into US hands

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THE GOVERNMENT has intervened to ensure the much- delayed Jubilee Line Extension (JLE) linking central London with the Millennium Dome will open in time.

London Transport yesterday announced it had appointed Bechtel, an American engineering giant, to act as project chief for the pounds 2.7bn scheme, following a review carried out by Bechtel.

Clifford Mumm, a Bechtel executive, has taken over as project chief executive from London Underground's Hugh Doherty, who is leaving the JLE project. The move in effect eliminates London Underground from the management the project.

LT chief executive Denis Tunnicliffe said the decision to appoint Bechtel had been his own, but confirmed the Department of Transport, headed by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, had taken a keen interest. "It is fair to say the Government did put pressure on me to have a review in the first place. Asked whether he was pressured into appointing Bechtel, he said: "They did take an active interest in my decision-making."