Judge hands out pop punishment

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HE IS a hard man, is Judge Paul Sacco. You would not want to get caught playing music too loud in the Colorado town he calls home, because the judge might get mad. And when he gets mad, he gets even.

Judge Sacco makes noise offenders attend monthly sessions to play them some music of his own, and it is not music that a teenage tearaway wants to hear. There is "I'm going to leave Old Durham town", by the bearded English folkster Roger Whittaker, for instance, and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" by the 70s combo Tony Orlando and Dawn. For the real hardcore offenders, there are bagpipes.

It is aimed at youngsters who cruise the street with their car stereos at full blast. The treatment works, it appears. "I'm not going to jam no more," saidDavid Mascarenas, 17. "I took my stereo out altogether. I don't want to be hassled no more."

The judge's own composition, "I'm Sleeping in My Car", is in there, as are Dean Martin, Henry Mancini and John Denver. It does not sound like fun.