Ken turns tables on Blair

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KEN LIVINGSTONE yesterday invoked Labour's "one member, one vote" reforms - originally opposed by the party's Left wing - in support of his campaign to become the first elected mayor of London.

Activists agreed to back Mr Livingstone, the last leader of the Greater London Council, in a move to allow all Labour members in the capital to take part in a ballot for the party's candidate in next year's poll.

He launched his move at a meeting that brought together MPs, campaign groups and trade unionists, and which supported proposals to give rank- and-file members a say in the choice of contenders who have the support of at least 10 London constituency parties.

Mr Livingstone, the preferred candidate of the Left, who faces serious hostility from Downing Street, said: "There is a consensus inside the party that we need an effective Labour campaign in the election. Right the way across the political spectrum members are united in their view that Labour's electoral success in the GLA elections will be guaranteed by ensuring that the Labour candidate for mayor has the full confidence of party members."

And, he added: "That means that whoever he or she is they need to be selected democratically by one member, one vote."

Now London party members are being circulated with details of the Omov proposals.