Kevin claims he is 'knackered'

The Maxwell Trial Day 96
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The Maxwell trial adjourned early yesterday after Kevin Maxwell declared himself "knackered" after three weeks in the witness box.

Nearly half an hour before the court's normal rising time, Alan Suckling QC, prosecuting, said to Lord Justice Phillips: "I am prepared to go on but it has been drawn to my attention that Mr Maxwell has been in the box all the week - I don't know if he is tired."

"I am knackered," announced Kevin, when the judge said in that case they could have a slightly earlier weekend.

During the day, Mr Suckling cross-examined Kevin about his activities in 1991 before and after his father's mystery death at sea. It will be the fourth anniversary of Robert Maxwell's death this weekend.

Kevin said yesterday that a lie he has admitted telling to a bank had become "a huge millstone around my neck". The lie was to the Bank of Nova Scotia about the status of shares being used as security for a foreign exchange deal.

Kevin agreed he had also misled other banks into believingthey would be repaid from the proceeds of the sale of shares in the Israeli company Scitex but he added that although this information was misleading it was not a legally binding agreement.

Mr Suckling asked him: "How is one to tell when you are telling the truth, Mr Maxwell?"

Kevin replied: "That is a process which we have been going through for the past 15 days, ... whether I am telling the truth or not is at the end of the day a subjective decision on the evidence I give and how I conduct myself in this box."

Kevin denies conspiring with his father to defraud the pension funds by misusing pounds 100m-worth of Scitex shares. The trial was adjourned.