Kids really, really want to be rich

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Modern children are shameless materialists who value wealth above health and happiness, according to a survey out today.

Asked to name one wish, 40 per cent of the 7- to 14-year-olds polled by Fox Kids television network wanted to be rich, while only 4 per cent sought happiness and 4 per cent health.

The survey of more than 1,000 youngsters across the country found they hanker after the top designer labels, big houses, cars and televisions, and the Spice Girls are their top role models. Making money was the main aim in life among 38 per cent of the teenage boys surveyed, and 16 per cent wanted to win the lottery.

Half the boys said life would not be worth living without football and nearly as many - 47 per cent - found television essential to life. They reeled off Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Armani as their favourite designer labels in clothes, and Adidas, Nike, Kickers and Reebok in footwear. Fox Kids managing director Rod Henwood said: "Kids today are increasingly adopting adult values and our challenge as a children's channel is to create a kids' world that entertains without corrupting them."