Killer dreams of rescuing James

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JON VENABLES dreams about rescuing James Bulger and taking him back to his parents, according to a psychiatric report. The boy said he dreams about the world being turned into a giant chocolate factory and living a long and healthy life.

He often lines his bed in the secure unit where he is held with soft toys to keep 'bad things' away. The report says Venables has nightmares about murdering James. He loved watching videos but his mother, Susan, told pyschiatrists that her son would turn away from the television during violent scenes.

The report by a consultant adolescent forensic psychiatrist, leaked to the Liverpool Echo, is based on information given by his parents, social workers, residential care workers and other experts.

The report says that at play school, Jon was an 'unremarkable' child but became hyperactive between the ages of seven and nine. He was bullied in junior school, allegedly because his elder brother had learning disabilities.

Asked about his understanding of death, he said good people go to heaven and bad people to hell.